Digital Forensics

The purpose of digital forensics is to maintain the integrity of evidence by properly identifying, preserving, analyzing, and presenting electronically stored information using court-accepted methodologies and procedures to maintain legal standards. While used most often on personal computers, digital forensics may be performed on almost any device containing electronic data such as computers, storage media such as thumb drives and CD-ROMs, game consoles, digital cameras, medical equipment, security systems, or scanners and copiers.

Blackthorn Information Security has built a solid reputation of providing exceptional digital forensic services with proven results.

Mobile Device Phone Forensics

Cell phones and smartphones - the most prevalent form of communication available today- can contain call histories, movies, text messages, photos, contact lists, email, and other crutial information. Increasingly, large amounts of data are also other mobile devices such as pads and MP3 music players. Depending on the type and brand of mobile device, Blackthorn Information Security can recover live data from photos to text messages to movies, as well as recovering deleted data.

We have performed cell phone forensics in both civil and criminal cases and have extensive experience in this new area of forensics as well as the latest cell phone tools such as Access Data's Mobile Examiner Plus and the Cellebrite UFED Physical Analyzer.

Electronic Evidence Discovery (E-Discovery)

Electronic evidence discovery (also known as Electronic Discovery or E-Discovery) collection gives attorneys the winning edge by identifying, locating, preserving and analyzing relevant evidence from electronic media to help you prove your case. Litigation support includes implementing litigation holds to preserve relevant records, deduplication, removal of non-responsive data, records management, and document review.

Whether you need to meet discovery demands or are attempting to secure and centralize your business records for compliance or future litigation demands, our e-discovery services will make your job easier.

Photo Forensics

With the prevalence of digital cameras, webcams. and cellphone cameras, it's almost a certainty that digital images of value to your case are stored on these devices. There are also times when the quality of the image is too poor to identify the photo's subject, or that you suspect a photo has been manipulated in some way.

If you have photos in your case and they needs enhancement, Blackthorn Information Security has in-house capability to perform photo clarification and enhancement. If you believe that they may have been tampered, we can perfom enhancements using forensically sound techniques. Cameras, as well as photo editing software, leave different internal markers called "metadata". Metadata as well as artifacts left by photo editing software can also be examinedto determine authenticity.

Incident Response

Information security isn't isn't only about your information out of the hands of the bad guys. It also means keeping it that same information accessable to the right people when it's needed. Because our team understand IT issues as well as security, we see data security and data availability as both sides of the same coin.

When you have an incident involving a hacking attempt, theft of intellectual property, or other "cyber problem" involving your data, time is not on your side. Especially in these days of increased reporting requirements such as HIPAA, SOX, or state data breach reporting acts. Blackthorn's experts can get in fast, analyze your problem, and deliver a fix that will work for you. As one of our client's recently put it: "You guys are like the SWAT Team!"

Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

It's a scary world out there. Ensuring that your IT architecture is up to today's standards for security can be an intimidating challenge. From malicious hackers to foreign competitors to political extremists, it's hard to tell where the next attack on your networks and databases will be coming from, or how those attacks will confront you. Blackthorn Information Security can help you determine where your risk and vulnerabilties lie, and how to best maintain a properly hardened network that will stand up to today's challenges of an interconnected world.