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Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is where technology and the law intersect. Nearly every action involving digital technology leaves a trace. When those actions are illegal or in violation of policy, these traces can be captured, collected, and analyzed. From that captured data, patterns and indicators of behavior can be determined. Our teams can collect digital evidence in a legally accepted manner, acceptable in court proceedings and useful in various legal settings.

Giving Attorneys the Winning Edge

Electronic Evidence Discovery

Electronic evidence discovery (also known as Electronic Discovery or E-Discovery) collection gives attorneys the winning edge by identifying, locating, preserving and analyzing relevant evidence from electronic media to help you prove your case. Litigation support includes implementing litigation holds to preserve relevant records, deduplication, removal of non-responsive data, records management, and document review.

data security / data availability
both sides of the same coin

Incident Response

Information security isn’t only about your information out of the hands of the bad guys. It also means keeping it that same information accessible to the right people when it’s needed. Because our team understand IT issues as well as security, we see data security and data availability as both sides of the same coin.

When you have an incident involving a hacking attempt, theft of intellectual property, or other “cyber problem” involving your data, time is not on your side. Especially in these days of increased reporting requirements such as HIPAA, SOX, or state data breach reporting acts. Blackthorn’s experts can get in fast, analyze your problem, and deliver a fix that will work for you. 

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